Mission and vision Statements

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Alaska Native Voices Educational Institute

Vision: We envision a future in which sharing culture, heritage and homeland is an integral part of the Alaska visitor experience for all. We will guide our partners to embrace cultural authenticity and accurate and insightful portrayal of traditional ways.

Mission: Alaska Native Voices Educational Institute is dedicated to developing and providing experienced knowledgeable cultural tourism professionals and cultural insight to our customer. We achieve this by providing guidance and services which balance business excellence, cultural integrity, and visitor expectations.

Guiding Principles:
Southeast Alaska Traditional Tribal Values
As developed, adapted, and approved at the 2004 Elders Forum on Traditional Values

Discipline and Obedience to the Traditions of our Ancestors
Respect for Self, Elders and Others
Respect for Nature and Property
Pride in Family, Clan and Traditions is found in Love, Loyalty and Generosity
Be Strong in Mind, Body and Spirit
Hold Each Other Up
Listen Well and with Respect
Speak with Care
We are Stewards of the Air, Land and Sea
Reverence for Our Creator
Live in Peace and Harmony
Be Strong and Have Courage

Alaska Native Voices

Vision: We envision a future where the economic and cultural achievements of the Xúna Kaawu are recognized as the standard of excellence in the advancement of Native People.

Mission: To advance the economic aspirations and culture of the Xúna Kaawu through business excellence, sustainable economic growth, leadership, and education.

Guiding Principles:
Maintain our land in perpetuity.
Take pride in our past and value the wisdom of our elders.
Foster woosh jee een and diversity of thought.
Perpetuate our culture and land through prudent stewardship.
Grow a healthy, diversified business that is transparent, innovative, and self sustaining.
Continually think ahead and act on behalf of future generations.
Improve opportunity for all our people.
Show respect, integrity, and be self-accountable.