CULTURAL heritage guide services:

Alaska Native Voices trains and prepares its Cultural Heritage Guides to take long-standing and tested interpretive principles, paired with our years of experience in cultural tourism to provide memorable experiences and cultural insights to travelers. Guides share not only traditional knowledge and perspectives but also share the balance of contemporary life while embracing culture and tradition. We empower our guides with the tools they need to bridge cultures and create a memorable visitor experience.

We work with numerous organizations seeking to develop and train their own guide staff to better present the cultural and regional indigenous history with a keen eye on accurate and respectful interpretation. We train Native interpreters to more meaningfully represent their people and we also work with non-native guides to empower them to share the cultural landscape.

Alaska Native Voices has received great reviews for our unique programs. Our interpreters and trainers have received certification from the National Association for Interpretation and provide an authentic insight into the historical, spiritual and cultural significance of their homeland.


cultural tourism development resources

As travelers seek out new destinations and experiences, it has become clear that cultural tourism is a field of great potential and continued growth . Travelers want to experience other ways of life and connect to different cultures in a deeper and more meaningful way. Alaska Native Voices,is uniquely qualified to provide insight and guidance through our cultural tourism resource and consulting services to Native peoples, cultural groups and communities and organizations seeking to take a positive step in the growing field of cultural tourism. Through this service we assist and guide customers toward their goal share their culture with visitors. A solid business plan and training model is developed for clients that balances cultural integrity and visitor expectations.

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TRAINING programs

Whether focusing on interpretation, customer service or team building, Alaska Native Voices' training programs play a crucial role in the growth and development of healthy tourism programs. Through careful evaluation of staff and program goals, we coordinate with customers to develop and provide training programs which empower staff with a sense of knowledge, ownership and understanding of their audience. Alaska Native Voices tailors programs to suit the unique demands placed on cultural tourism sites.